10 Years of DevNet See DevNet journey https://developer.cisco.com/devnet-journey/ https://pubhub.devnetcloud.com/media/devnet-10yrs-anniversary/site/images/mainBG.jpg
Celebrating a Decade of DevNet Thank you for celebrating with us! 10 years of devnet Celebration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SLlis-Xcg0&ab_channel=CiscoDevNet false true Thank you for celebrating a decade of DevNet's transformative journey at our virtual 10th Anniversary Celebration! If you missed it, or would like to relive the review of impactful milestones of the past, gain insights into our current endeavors, and get an exclusive preview of the exciting future ahead please watch the recording of the event. Watch DevNet 10 year Celebration https://youtu.be/8SLlis-Xcg0?si=RvIXTLOZb4Ti1I1O
Build for Better Code Challenge: AI & Sustainability Build for better campaign graphics https://pubhub.devnetcloud.com/media/devnet-10yrs-anniversary/site/images/BFBimage.jpg Are you ready to make an impact? The global focus on reduced energy consumption is gaining momentum and by nature, technology, code, and development require energy consumption. That is why we are calling on developers like you to find innovative ways to lessen environmental impact. Join the competition and build better AI and Sustainability solutions with Cisco DevNet. link-to Learn about the challenge /build-for-better/
Rewind the clock and join us as we celebrate the milestones that got us here with the DevNet Story interactive timeline.
Snippets from the community
“I have overcome challenges and achieved milestones I never thought possible . Cisco DevNet's resources enabled me to create scripts for large-scale network updates, making the process much more accurate and efficient.”
Silvio Luis Veira Da Silva - Senior IT Specialist, Global Networks Team, Baxter Hospitalar Ltda., Brazil
“Thank you for providing a platform that has transformed my career and allowed me to contribute to the advancement of networking technologies. Here's to another decade of success, growth, and groundbreaking achievements .”
Abdullahi Musa Yaro, Nigeria
Cisco DevNet is not just a part of our education ; it's a key to our future success. The skills and knowledge we gain from your programs are invaluable in preparing us for the challenges of the tech industry.”
Aditya Yadav - Gyan Ganga Institute of Technology and Sciences
“Cisco DevNet has helped me to learn about the latest networking technologies, develop my skills, and connect with other professionals in the field .”
Karan Koushik
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Share your DevNet Story! Devvie asking you to share your DevNet Story with us https://pubhub.devnetcloud.com/media/devnet-10yrs-anniversary/site/images/Devvie.png Whether you’ve recently joined the DevNet network or have been part of it for years, your participation is at the core of our community. Join us in celebrating you, the trailblazers who have driven innovation and transformation, over the past decade by sharing your personal DevNet story. link-to Share your story mailto:devservices@cisco.com _blank