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Cisco DevNet is Cisco’s comprehensive home of product learning and trial, services, and community for network engineers and developers working at all stages of the enterprise applications-DevOps-infrastructure delivery loop. This includes network engineers using automation, SRE/DevOps observing application performance and security, and enterprise software developers bringing Cisco’s security and observability expertise to bear on their solutions.

Cisco DevNet supports these technical practitioners with tools and products such as APIs, hands-on learning labs, live-tech sandboxes, and developer-focused events. The DevNet program has had great success over 10 years addressing core needs of network engineers seeking to automate interactions with network equipment. It is a vibrant community that continues to provide expertise, documentation, and learning experiences for members.

The DevNet story: 10 Years of enabling users to learn, code, and build The DevNet Story began when a gritty, startup-minded group of Cisconians set out to teach network engineers how to automate tasks and systems with APIs. Ten years on, DevNet has created a legacy of enabling users to think like developers and improve their systems. And, we’re just getting started. To celebrate a decade of DevNet, we created an interactive timeline to celebrate you, our users, and rally for 10+ more years of learning, coding, and building.

Dive into the DevNet journey

What programs or learning resources are available for Cisco DevNet?

Cisco provides Learning Labs and Sandbox remote labs to assist with your learning experience. For those seeking DevNet Associate certification, refer to Cisco University for DevNet Certification courses.

Is there cost associated with the programs or learning resources? All Learning Labs, videos, discussion forums, and Sandboxes are free. Is there a digital developer community and how can I access it? Yes! Come join our developer community at The Developer Hub has discussion forums for all programmable Cisco products and technologies. This community is free and open to everyone. Subscribe and contribute today! Are there programs where I can contribute and engage? You can engage with other developers on the Developer Hub community forums on Contribute code and see what other developers are doing through the Code Exchange. What social media channels can I follow?




Cisco Developer Blog

Cisco DevNet channel on YouTube

What developer channels can I follow?

Cisco Developer GitHub

Cisco Open Source GitHub

CiscoDevNet GitHub

Cisco Developer Blog

Cisco DevNet Postman Collections

Cisco Test Automation Docker Hub

Where can I find Cisco API documentation? You can find API documentation for Cisco products and technologies on, or by going to the Documentation tab on Who should I contact for suggestions or support needs related to Cisco APIs? You can find API support through the forums for community-based support or through traditional product support, which requires a service contract. I am a student. How do I get started with the latest technologies from Cisco? The first place to start is right here on! Start with some of the free Learning Labs and experiment in the Sandbox remote labs. Who do I contact for questions on training, events, certifications, etc.? Contact the developer team using this feedback form. Where can I find information on events? Please check out our events page.