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What can you do with Secure Endpoint APIs?
Ingest Events Store events in 3rd party tools Archive extended event history Correlate against other logs Search Environment Find where a file has been Determine if a file was executed Capture command line arguments Basic Management Create Groups Move Computers Manage File Lists
Find sample code and scripts View more sample code _blank button btn-primary btn-lg-wide Secure Endpoint API Basics _blank Basic examples of working with each API endpoint Python Fetch Computer Information _blank Examples of parsing out specific elements from the /computers API endpoint Python Secure Endpoint API Pagination _blank Example of how to handle pagination with the Secure Endpoint API Python Secure Endpoint Event Stream Creator _blank Creates a new event stream to be used with an AMQP client Python Collect and Delete Stale GUIDS _blank Collect GUIDs that have not been seen for 60 days or more and delete them Python SHA to Command Line Arguments _blank Search an environment for a SHA256 and extract associated command line arguments Python