Embed video calls in web apps Create engaging apps that embed high-quality video calls using the open source React components or build your own interfaces using the Webex SDKs for Browsers. Get started with the React Widget Resources Tutorials Discover the React Widget Embed Video Calls into a Web App GitHub React Widget Project Webex SDK for Browsers Webex SDK for Android Webex SDK for iOS Documentation and more Browser SDK Samples Widget Documentation Engage your users with captive portals Use Meraki's Captive Portal Integration to connect with your WiFi users. Develop web portals that provide a host of services to on-site WiFi, collect email addresses, leverage social login, and extend it to collect additional information and surveys that can help you make decisions. Deploy and integrate a simple Node.js captive portal Resources Tutorials Deploy a Captive Portal Try it live in the Meraki Sandbox GitHub and Node-RED Captive Portal with Node.js Node-RED Captive Portal WiFi Splash with Social Logins Documentation and more Captive Portal Solution Guide Captive Portal Config Guide (PDF) Custom Splash with PHP Example Monitor the performance of your app Take a smarter approach to performance management by connecting app performance and customer experience to real business outcomes with AppDynamics. From service health to end-user experience, tie valuable business metrics together into real-time dashboards that truly represent your digital business's health. Learn how to Monitor your App with AppDynamics Resources Tutorials AppDynamics Application Monitoring Using AppDynamics with Containers GitHub AppDynamics Repositories Documentation and more App Monitoring Documentation Learn more about AppDynamics
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