Managing infrastructure as code with Ansible Automation Platform
Integrate with Cisco Solutions Data Center: ACI, NDFC, Intersight, MSO, NX-OS Campus/Branch: Cisco Catalyst Center, IOS XE, Cisco Meraki, SD-WAN Service Provider: Crosswork, NSO, IOS XR Security: Secure Firewall, Secure Workload Automate for efficiency Simplify network automation with Ansible Automation Platform Discover Cisco platforms using Infrastructure as Code for automation, orchestration, and configuration management. Use Event-Driven Ansible to automate response to changing conditions, eliminating rote tasks and shortening MTTR. Learn by doing Explore Ansible sample code in Code Exchange Learn Ansible configuration management and automation in the Learning Labs Get hands-on in the ACI, Meraki, IOS XE, SD-WAN, and MSO Sandboxes Try out new Using Ansible with Cisco Meraki Lab
Identity Services Engine (ISE) with Ansible Automation Sandbox
Try out ISE 3.2 with Ansible automation in the Sandbox. ISE APIs are now used by our new Ansible modules to automate the provisioning of an ISE deployment. See the new sandbox
Automate network operations with Ansible ACI + Ansible
Introduction to Data Center Automation Start with the Cisco ACI and Ansible Learning Labs to learn how to automate you data center and cloud networks. Then, check out the sandbox and documents for more resources. LEARNING MODULE ansible-aci-intro LEARNING LABS ansible-aci-intro View all learning labs _blank button btn-primary btn-lg-wide
ACI Simulator Sandbox

Login to this development environment to get hands on with ACI and Ansible. The ACI Sandbox provides a developer with an environment to design, develop and test using the ACI RESTful APIs over http/https with XML and JSON encodings.

Cisco ACI Guide with Ansible

Detailed documentation on Ansible ACI modules, ACI authentication, using ACI REST with Ansible, and operational examples.

ACI and Ansible Repo

Ansible modules and roles to help automate ACI tasks

IOS XE + Ansible
Using Ansible for Configuration management Start with the Cisco IOS XE and Ansible learning labs to learn how to manage the configurations on your IOS XE devices. Then, check out the sandbox and documents for more resources. LEARNING MODULE intro-ansible-iosxe LEARNING LABS intro-ansible-iosxe View all learning labs _blank button btn-primary btn-lg-wide
IOS XE Sandbox

Login to this always-on development environment to get hands on with IOS XE and Ansible. The sandbox provides an environment to developers and network engineers to test their applications or scripts using the new standard device interfaces for network configuration and operations.

Ansible with IOS XE Quick Start Guide

All the Cisco IOS XE modules are included in Ansible Core so no additional effort is required to begin automating your Cisco IOS XE devices.

SD-WAN + Ansible
Learn how to use SD-WAN with Ansible Within the SD-WAN fabric, the vManage tool offers a rich set of REST APIs to automate specific workflows using your favorite tool, Ansible. LEARNING MODULE sd-wan-ansible-pipeline LEARNING LABS sd-wan-ansible-pipeline View all learning labs _blank button btn-primary btn-lg-wide
Multi-IOS Cisco Test Network Sandbox

Login to this development environment to get hands on with SD-WAN and Ansible. This Sandbox can facilitate fairly generic testing of development tools like Puppet, Chef, Ansible, and others.

Ansible Role

An Ansible Role for automating a Viptela Overlay Network. This is a hybrid role that provided both role tasks and modules.

Learn how to configure MSO with Ansible
MSO & Ansible Learning Labs An introduction to management of the Cisco Multi-Site Orchestrator (MSO) with Ansible. MSO & Ansible Sample Code Download the sample code for the Learning Labs to start automating Cisco MSO with Ansible. MSO Sandbox Always-on Cisco Multi-Site Orchestrator available through the DevNet Sandbox. fastMode=true&type=Code&keyPrefix=ansible&additionalTags=contributor:stevenca 3 Explore Ansible roles developed by the community utm_campaign=oc-codeexchange&utm_medium=pubhubwidget&utm_source=ansible See more in Code Exchange Sorry, we couldn’t find any code repos you were looking for.