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What can I do with Catalyst Center API?
Policy Abstraction Provide policy-based abstraction of business intent, allowing you to focus on an outcome to achieve instead of struggling with the mechanisms that implement that outcome. Integration Flows Integrate Assurance workflows and data with third-party IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions. Event Notifications Supported services are available for Cisco Catalyst Assurance events and Catalyst Center SWIM events to be captured and forwarded to third-party applications.
Learn how to automate with Catalyst Center API FEATURED LEARNING MODULE dnac-rest-apis EXPLORE THE LEARNING LABS dnac-rest-apis View all Learning Labs _blank button btn-primary btn-lg-wide fastMode=true&type=Code&keyPrefix=Cisco%20Catalyst%20Center 3 Discover Catalyst Center sample code Download community shared and DevNet curated GitHub sample code through DevNet Code Exchange. utm_campaign=oc-codeexchange&utm_medium=pubhubwidget&utm_source=catalyst_center See more in Code Exchange Sorry, we couldn’t find any code repos you were looking for.
Try out the Catalyst Center in the DevNet Sandbox The DevNet Sandboxes provide developers with zero-cost, easy access to infrastructure and platforms to develop and run code against anytime. Use this testing environment to follow along with the Learning Labs. VIEW ALL SANDBOXES _blank /images/sandbox.png Catalyst Center Sandbox _blank Catalyst Center Always-On Sandbox Interact with the Cisco Catalyst Center API calls using a variety of REST clients such as POSTMAN or CURL. Develop and test applications for Cisco Catalyst Center. Features include:
  • Virtualized Controller
  • Real hardware sample network topology containing network elements
  • Hosts that developers can utilize to develop, debug, and test Cisco Catalyst Center applications.
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