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The last day to order DevNet Associate Fundamentals course was April 30, 2023
Cisco will honor existing contracts through their expiration dates. Customers can purchase or renew the course until April 30, 2023. The last day the course will be available is October 31, 2023. The last day to complete the course and receive a Certificate of Completion will be October 31, 2023.
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Cisco Certified DevNet Associate
About the DevNet Associate Fundamentals Course
The DevNet Associate Fundamentals training course is a next generation learning experience, developed to help candidates like you, study and prepare for the DevNet Associate Certification Exam available on February 24, 2020. The course offers high-quality DevNet Certification-focused content in an interactive all-in-one learning experience that includes built-in integrated labs. The DevNet Associate Fundamentals course gives you access to the materials you need to successfully hone your skills and better prepare for the exam.
Get yourself ready for the DevNet Associate Certification Exam
The DevNet Associate Fundamentals course is designed to help accelerate your study for the certification and lets you learn at your own pace with DevNet support along the way. The course content includes a variety of engaging associate-level learning opportunities, including hands-on labs, sandboxes and so much more.
Hone your skill sets in the following areas:
  • Software Development and Design
  • Understanding and Using APIs
  • Network Fundamentals
  • Application Deployment and Security
  • Infrastructure and Automation
  • Cisco Platforms & Development
What you will learn in DevNet Associate Fundamentals
Course introduction
2 hours
8 sections
Cisco DevNet is excited for you to start your journey into automation, development, and networks. This module lays the groundwork for the entire group of modules by providing high-level information about the course, additional Cisco DevNet resources that are available outside this course, and instructions on how to use the built-in developer environment for the hands-on labs within the course. At the end of each module, there will also be quiz assessments to see how you're retaining the information. Let's begin this journey!
Software development and design
9 hours 20 minutes
11 sections
Laying a good foundation of knowledge for software development is a great start. There are many methodologies to choose from, and you want to learn from the history of building up software engineering best practices. You need to practice collaboratively as well as independently, so source control becomes a big part of a developer's life. This section provides context for where we are at this point of time, choosing modern software development ways to create that all-important business or user outcome.
Understanding and using APIs
4 hours
12 sections
With so many APIs to work with, you have to be sure you're clear on the foundations. This section concentrates on REST APIs. Cisco has many product lines with these interfaces for multiple use cases, whether collecting data, calling services, or listening to events.
Network fundamentals
9 hours 10 minutes
10 sections
Why does a developer need to know about the network that all application traffic goes through and on and between? Why does a network engineer who is already familiar with intricate details and architecture decisions for network traffic need to know about application development? One without the other doesn't quite get the job done, when the job is about managing and deploying applications at scale while meeting performance requirements and expectations. Let's lay the network foundation and study beyond the basics.
Application deployment and security
10 hours
8 sections
This section introduces you to application deployment options. You will learn about the components of a continuous integration and continuous deployment pipeline, including containers and microservices. You will learn about examples of deployment in test environments and in production environments. You will also learn about deployment security measures and understand known vulnerabilities.
Infrastructure and automation
9 hours 10 minutes
11 sections
Sure, there are a myriad of tools for automating many tasks, and speciality tools for simulating a network for testing. But even higher up the value chain is speed with precision and safe self-service options. Puppet, Ansible, and Chef all work well for these use cases. In addition, PyATS and VIRL are specialty tools for the network specifically.
Cisco platforms and development
16 hours 20 minutes
11 sections
If you want to know about all of Cisco's developer and automation offerings, there is a lot of information to sort through. This section pulls it all together in big categories, such as collaboration, compute including data centers, networking including data models, and security. Even if you are familiar with a product family, we hope you learn new tips or hints while reading through and trying some of these platforms first-hand.
Complete the course to earn a Certificate of Completion
By completing the DevNet Associate Fundamentals training course, you will be presented a Certificate of Completion to show off your hard work! You will also be qualified to earn 48 credits through Cisco Continuing Education Program. This program is offered to existing Cisco certified individuals as a flexible alternative option for recertification.
Introducing your DevNet Experts
Learn more about the DevNet experts who prepared the course!
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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I contact Customer Support?
The DevNet Associate Fundamentals Course was designed to help accelerate your study for the DevNet Associate Certification. We hope you enjoy the resources included in the course, and feel confident about the exam. If at any point you have comments, questions, or concerns regarding the DevNet Associate Fundamentals Course, feel free to reach out to us. We value your feedback.

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Is the DevNet Associate Fundamentals Course eligible for Continuing Education credits?
The Continuing Education Program is governed by the Cisco Continuing Education Advisory Board. The Cisco Continuing Education Advisory Board has approved DevNet Associate Fundamental course for earning 48 Continuing Education credits.
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