The DevNet 500 Program We are introducing the “DevNet 500” – a program that recognizes and distinguishes the first 500 individuals who become DevNet Certified in any certification.
The DevNet 500 will recognize all individuals regardless of the specific learning path they take - Associate, Specialist or Professional – and from wherever in the world they pass the exam. DevNet 500 individuals will be recognized with a designated web-enabled badge – a credential that can be leveraged online for professional and personal recognition. Register for your exam today and aim to be part of the DevNet 500!
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DevNet Associate Fundamentals Course DevNet has designed developer-focused training prep courses with new integrated lab experiences, sandboxes and materials that will help to better prepare for the DevNet Certification exams.
This course gives learners an opportunity to assess and demonstrate their current software and automation skills in the following areas: Software Development and Design Understanding and Using APIs Network Fundamentals Application Deployment and Security Infrastructure and Automation Cisco Platforms & Development
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DevNet Study Group Platform The platform offers a centralized social hub that helps individuals create, organize and manage group learning events to study for any technology topic and prepare for the exam. This allows a way to organize a collaborative DevNet Certification learning experience with peers.
The DevNet Study Group provides: A platform with collaborative learning experience for high touch online groups. One place for peer sharing materials, group learning activities, discussions and quizzes. An opportunity to start and lead a group, or discover and join an existing group.
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