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New to using RESTful APIs? https://developer.cisco.com/docs/cisco-meeting-server/ REST Primer Guide Cisco Meeting Server Learn what an API is, what RESTful means, and the basic building blocks you'll need to start interacting with the Cisco Meeting Server API. https://video.cisco.com/video/6004956939001 How to use the Cisco Meeting Server API Cisco Meeting Server Prefer to watch a video? In less than 10 minutes we'll show you the basics of interacting with the Cisco Meeting Server API.
Learn how to use the APIs
Assigning importance to a participant Use this learning lab to assign importance level to participants Learn more Lock and unlock a meeting lobby Lock/unlock a meeting lobby Learn more Recording a meeting Learn about ways to record a meeting in Cisco Meeting Server Learn more Setting up host and guest access Use this to create additional ways for users to dial in to a space with associated callLegProfiles that applies a certain configuration to the participant Learn more
Browse sample code and scripts Canopy https://github.com/ciscocms/canopy _blank A Python SDK for Cisco Meeting Server Python auto-dial https://github.com/ciscocms/auto-dial _blank Sample nodejs project for implementing a "blast dial" feature using the Cisco Meeting Server API JavaScript cdr-receiver-db https://github.com/ciscocms/cdr-receiver-db _blank A sample CDR receiver for Cisco Meeting Server with persistent storage Python Postman Collection https://github.com/ciscocms/cms-postman-collection _blank A collection of Cisco Meeting Server API operations for Postman