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What can I do with Cisco Spaces Cloud?
Real-time Data Streaming The Firehose API is a cloud first, low latency, high volume streaming API that acts as a single, streaming channel carrying multiple event types from Catalyst, Meraki, Webex, & 3rd Party IoT to partner and customer apps. Processed data can be visualized, published, & graphed to suit your business needs. Cisco Spaces Firehose API Webhooks & REST APIs for Location Data The cloud location REST API & webhooks provide developers access to all things location. It allows you to retrieve maps hierarchy, device information, real-time counts & location history details to detect, locate & search devices as well as manage them on a single common map across all Cisco platforms. Cisco Spaces Location Cloud API Extend Your Network to Mobile Apps Spaces SDK enables you to extend network data to your mobile app to facilitate a seamless & secure onboarding experience. App developers can configure iOS/Android devices with a Wi-Fi profile identity of choice. Enterprises can engage with app users contextually & integrate data with CRM/loyalty systems. Cisco Spaces SDK Schedule & Export Your Network Data Set up automated data export of your network data from Cisco Spaces directly into customer data centers or cloud as flat files (CSV) over SFTP, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud & Box. These exports can be used for advanced data analysis & offer customization for frequency, duration, volume of data. Cisco Spaces Data Out
What can I do with Cisco Spaces On-Prem?
Connected Mobile Experience APIs Cisco CMX APIs are REST APIs that provide access to network data from Cisco wireless infrastructure. These enable system configurations such as maps, alerts & notifications, device & visitor location, & detailed analytics services. Coming Soon Spaces Connect for IoT Services APIs Spaces Connect API allows apps to introduce devices to enterprise networks, control them & receive telemetry from those devices. It's an open, scalable system that allows the network to act as a platform offering secure automated onboarding of any device to any network connecting to any application. Coming Soon
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