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Cloud Application Security Integrated, intelligent security for cloud-based applications Woman looing at a tablet page.jpg Hybrid and multi-cloud applications require a new approach to security: one that covers the entire software development lifecycle, prioritizes risks, delivers API security, and eliminates the gaps caused by point solutions.

With Cisco Cloud Application Security (Panoptica), you get continuous security and compliance monitoring across even the most complex multi-cloud environments, attack path analysis, and AI-enabled guidance that helps you fix the most important problems first. Explore our technical content and resources to learn the fundamentals, best practices, and more about Panoptica Cloud Application Security.
link-to Read the guide to get started _blank login Learn the Essentials #Learnessentials Get How-Tos & Tips #howtotips Try Our Solutions #tryoursolutions Dive In with Technical Learning Resources true Learnessentials Learn the Essentials Master the essentials of cloud application security with on-demand courses and learn about cloud security posture management, cloud workload protection, and attack path analysis. Discover how to gain superior visibility into all of your cloud assets and eliminate blind spots caused by point solutions, see the routes most likely to be exploited by a bad actor – and how to secure them before it’s too late. Site Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) – Learning Course Learn how to configure security baselines, monitor compliance rules, and assess vulnerabilities to ensure strong cloud security posture and secured cloud native applications. link-up Learn _blank Site Cloud Workload Protection Platform - Learning Course Discover how to get effective workload management to ensure vulnerability management, security hardening, and proper configurations for your cloud workloads. Learn Site Attack Path Analysis - Learning Course Learn how to identify vulnerable entry points and gain invaluable insights for proactive security measures to identify security weak points before attacks happen. Learn Site See More Cloud Application Security Learning Courses Access the full library of courses to learn how to secure your cloud infrastructure. link-up Learn _blank howtotips Get How-tos & Tips Evolving security needs require flexible solutions and in-depth insights to mitigate application risk without impeding development. Learn how robust CI/CD security measures, attack path analysis, and API security can be used to help remediate cloud application threats across the development lifecycle. Article A Developer’s Ally in the Battle Against Security Bugs - Guide Discover advances in frameworks and tools that help write and maintain secure code. Read Site Prioritize and Remediate Cloud Application Risks See how Cisco Cloud Application Security (Panoptica) protects applications throughout the software development lifecycle. Read Site Whitepaper: The Future of Cloud Security Learn how to use graph technology to achieve in depth and cohesive visibility of complex multi-cloud environments and prioritize risks that matter most. Read tryoursolutions Try Our Solutions Jump right in to learn more about Cisco Cloud Application Security with a demo, free trial and dive deeper into more product details.

Cisco Cloud Application Security (Panoptica) provides continuous security and compliance and monitoring across complex multi-cloud environments, offering dynamic remediation from development to runtime. It analyzes risks throughout the software development lifecycle, helping to assess and choose APIs and deliver comprehensive protection for multi-cloud Kubernetes workloads.

Automate the identification and remediation of threats in real-time. Attack path visualization helps to stop attackers before they can cause damage, and consolidates siloed solutions across the entire cloud stack to eliminate blind spots produced by point solutions. Site Cisco Cloud Application Security Learn how Cloud Application Security (Panoptica) provides seamless scalability across clusters and multi-cloud environments. Learn more Site Interactive Demo See how to get contextualized cloud security from build to runtime. Learn more Site Try it First-Hand with a Free Trial Unlock the power of improved visibility and protection across the application lifecycle. Sign up
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