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What can you do with Cisco IoT Control Center APIs?
Manage device lifecycle Manage SIM status, IP address, APN, etc. Audit device change history Manage customer accounts and devices Manage data, SMS, and voice usage Return usage and session data Manage rate plans and communication plans Send SMS to or from a device Develop new use cases Support new pricing models with usage APIs Prevent fraud with session and lifecycle APIs Optimize FOTA scheduling with device APIs And more!...
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Start developing or test your code
SANDBOX Why choose the sandbox?
Get started immediately
Make a reservation and receive immediate access to our sandbox development environment for 30 days.
Virtual SIMs
Your sandbox account will come pre-provisioned with virtual SIMs with simulated device data.
API-only access
Access our suite of enterprise REST APIs to build out API-driven applications that scale with your solution.
Perfect for:
IoT developers who want to learn about the Control Center APIs immediately, or who are developing device-agnostic solutions, including third-party solutions.
Reserve Sandbox
IoT STARTER KIT Why choose the IoT Starter Kit?
Real SIMs for your device
IoT Starter Kits contain trial SIM cards with included SMS and data for your test devices.
Coverage in 100+ countries
Control Center is the connectivity management platform for network service providers covering more than 100 countries.
Full Control Center access
Access our APIs and UI, allowing your whole team to test Control Center in the same environment as deployment.
Perfect for:
IoT developers with hardware devices or unique data inputs that you’d like to field test or for companies that want to do a broader evaluation beyond the engineering team.
Order Starter Kit
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