APIC REST API Configuration Procedures

The procedures in this document show you how to perform the same operations as the GUI procedures of the same name in the following Cisco guides:

  • Cisco APIC Basic Configuration Guide
  • Cisco APIC Getting Started Guide
  • Cisco APIC Layer 2 Networking Configuration Guide
  • Cisco APIC Layer 3 Networking Configuration Guide
  • Cisco APIC Layer 4 to Layer 7 Services Deployment Guide
  • Cisco APIC Security Configuration Guide
  • Cisco APIC System Management Configuration Guide

NOTE: This document contains selected API configuration procedures for features added in Cisco APIC Release 6.0(2) and later, along with selected procedures from earlier releases. Many API configuration procedures for earlier releases can be found in the configuration guides for those releases.

For detailed information about the configuration of APIC features, refer to the Cisco guides and other Cisco APIC documentation available from the APIC documentation page.

For detailed information about using the APIC REST API, see:

The APIC REST API allows you to create, configure, and delete managed objects (MOs) in the APIC object model. For detailed information about the APIC object model, see: