Application Hosting on Cisco Catalyst Access Points

Application Hosting on Cisco Catalyst Series Wireless Access Points

Learn about the Application Hosting framework on Cisco enterprise access points. This guide shows you how to create and deploy applications on Cisco Catalyst 9100 series access points using Docker containers.


Application hosting on Cisco Catalyst 9100 series access points enables developers to create and host applications using standard off-the-shelf Docker container apps. The Cisco Catalyst series access points, through their modular capability and IOx framework, facilitate flexibility for third party software and hardware integration. Once the third party application is loaded on the access point, it gains complete access to specific access point software and hardware resources.

To know more about application hosting on access points, refer to the following videos:


Application hosting is currently supported on all Cisco Catalyst series access points.

The following diagram shows a high-level system architecture of application hosting on access points:

Use Cases

Application Hosting on access points enables you to develop your own IoT applications while leveraging the IoT capability offered by the Cisco Catalyst Series access points. Some common industry-specific IoT use cases where Application Hosting on access points can be leveraged include:

  • Smart electronic shelf labels (ESL) for dynamic price automation in retail stores
  • Asset monitoring and tracking in healthcare and manufacturing
  • Smart office monitoring for desk and room occupancy, temperature, humidity, and air quality monitoring, window and door monitoring
  • Voice-enabled, connected devices that are compatible with all leading voice assistants
  • Building management system (BMS) automation to connect and manage door locks, smart thermostats, lights, and other IoT devices


Application hosting on Cisco Catalyst Series access points offers various benefits to both partners and developers and customers.

For Partners and Developers

  • Ability to run your docker IoT applications on Cisco Catalyst Series access points

    Docker support enables partners to build and bring your own applications without additional packaging. You do not have to rewrite your IoT application every time there is an infrastructure change. Once packaged within Docker, your application will work within any infrastructure that supports docker containers.

  • Instant access to a customer base

    You can leverage the opportunity, resources, and expertise offered by Cisco through its extensive market presence. The wide range of Cisco wireless customer deployments across all industries and segments enables you to easily deploy your IoT applications.

  • Join the Cisco DevNet ecosystem

    Expose your solution and brand at the Cisco application marketplace and get support for development on Cisco DevNet with documents, sandbox and forums.

For Customers

  • Wi-Fi and IoT convergence

    With application hosting on access points, your customer can converge Wi-Fi and IoT into a single network, reducing the TCO by eliminating the need for a physical IoT overlay network which is both time-consuming and expensive.

  • Simplified management

    Cisco DNA Center provides a comprehensive application lifecycle management solution. It includes guided workflows with site readiness and compatibility checks, application deployment status, application status monitoring, and the ability to update and edit applications.

Development Process

Start developing for Cisco access points is easy. Go to the "Getting Started" section and review the documents there to learn more about our devices and how to create your first application. If you believe you're ready to develop your own application, please contact us at
with information on your use-case, application, and integration requirements, if any