Cisco ASAc Application Deployment

ASAc is the container version of the Cisco Adaptive Security Virtual Appliance (ASAv). ASAc application runs on the Catalyst 9300 series- C9300, C9300L, C9300LM and C9300X switches which support app hosting. The app-hosting infrastructure running on Catalyst 9300 series switches using USB 3.0 SSD-120G or SSD-240G can seamlessly add the ASAc firewall instances to the existing network.

The IT/OT convergence is driving the need for the stateful inspection of traffic crossing the domains. Stateful inspection can be added to the existing network running on Catalyst 9300 series switches by hosting ASAc as an application. With ASAc, the physical firewalls sitting next to the switches can be virtualized avoiding any bottlenecks in the network. By hosting the ASAc at the IT/OT convergence nearer to the source, the complex tunnels and routing to the centralised firewalls can be avoided.