Cisco Cloud Observability Connections API

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Cisco Cloud Observability collects data from cloud platforms and correlates that data with the underlying cloud infrastructure. To create cloud connections, you are required to connect Cisco Cloud Observability to one or more cloud provider account(s). Cisco Cloud Observability provides HTTP REST APIs to automate the process of creating and managing cloud connections at scale.

There are three categories of the Cisco Cloud Observability connections API endpoints:

  • Connections Endpoints

    These endpoints are used to authenticate and authorize Cisco Cloud Observability with your cloud provider. Cisco Cloud Observability supports Amazon Web Services (AWS) Role Delegation, AWS Access Key Credentials, and Microsoft Azure.

  • Configurations Endpoints

    All cloud connections must be associated with a configuration object. The configuration process allows you to limit data collection to specific cloud services, regions, and resource groups.

  • Resources Endpoints

    Use these API endpoints to get a list of the cloud services supported by Cisco Cloud Observability.

For detailed information on how to use the UI to create and manage cloud connections, see Set up Cisco AppDynamics Cloud Collectors to Monitor AWS and Configure Azure Cloud Connection.