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Simplifying the lives of IT professionals is always the goal of any software solution. It is the foundation on which the Intersight platform was built on. At large scales tasks can get complex and out of hand and lets not forget that these services need to be deliver at a quicker pace. The problem IT teams are facing inconsistencies among environments which creates snowflakes that leads to issues during deployments. Administration and maintenance of infrastructure involves manual, hard to track processes which contribute to errors and reduced productivity. This is when IT teams lean towards orchestrating these complex tasks to achieve repeatability, accessiblilty, predictability, standardization and trackability.

With the gaining populartity of hybrid cloud across many organizations IT teams are looking for a intelligence-driven platform that can hand automation and orchestration across both public clouds and on-premise infrastructure. Orchestration can span mulitple pillars suchs as hardware, storage, networking, virtualization, applications to name a few. Intersight is one such platform that allows organzations to achieve increased agility to deliver services and application.

The Intersight platform can help in the orchestration journey with Intersight Cloud Orchestrator (ICO) which simplifies your orchestration of infrastructure and workloads with easy-to-use, low-code workflow design and a catalog of curated tasks

This site is dedicated to providing our users various orchestration use case examples that will help them in their automation Journey. These use cases involve workflows created with Intersight Cloud Orchestrator or Terraform code.

In these pages, you can also find additional information about Intersight Orchestration capabilities, such as blog posts, upcoming events, deep dive documentation, etc.

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