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The Access Management API is currently beta and is subject to change. If you adopt a beta API, it may not be fully compatible with future versions.

The Access Management API allows you to manage access for users. You can use this REST-based API to either create new roles or work with the default roles. This API also allows customers to view the permissions of its users and add or remove permissions for a user.

This documenentation includes an overview, a getting started, authentication instructions, and API reference documentation using the OpenAPI Specification (OAS) description format.

API Requirements

To use the API, you must either be a Cisco AppDynamics Administrator or a Cisco AppDynamics user with permission to do the following:

  • create users, principals, and custom roles
  • assign roles to users and principals
  • assign users to tenants


You can only use the API to manage roles and permissions for existing users or principals. Cisco AppDynamics users must create users and principals in the Account Management Portal.

Note: You cannot create users or principals with this API.

Cisco AppDynamics Roles and Permissions

Cisco AppDynamics Administrators use the Account Management Portal to create users and principals, globally manage user accounts, assign roles to users and principals, and assign tenants.

In the Access Management Portal, they can define the actions users or principals can perform in tenants by assigning them to roles mapped to a set of permissions. Cisco AppDynamics provides Administrators with preset roles that are not editable and the ability to create custom roles.

In addition to using the Account Management Portal, Cisco AppDynamics Administrators or users with the required permissions in the API Requirements can use the Access Management API to manage roles and permissions for existing users or principals.

Use Cases

The API allows you to do the following:

  • Manage user access programmatically
  • Incorporate user roles and permission management into existing workflows

NOTE: For solutions created with the Cisco Observability Platform, use the Cisco Observability Platform component Access Management to configure permissions and roles for services within the solution. The Cisco Observability Platform handles the authorization and the requests to the Access Management API for the solution.


The API can only be accessed and used by AppDynamics Tenant Administrators.