Cisco Observability Platform Health Rules API



Cisco Observability Platform Health Rules API is currently beta and is subject to change. If you adopt a beta API, it may not be fully compatible with future versions.

Health rules let you specify the parameters and the conditions that represent what you consider normal or expected operations for your environment, for example, the CPU utilization for a host. You can create health rules to monitor one entity or a group of entities. The Cisco Observability Platform monitors various entities such as applications, nodes, clusters, and services in your IT environment. When the performance of an entity deviates from the conditions specified in a health rule, the health rule violation occurs. The Cisco Observability Platform displays the health status of an entity as critical, warning, normal, or unknown. See Health Rules in Cisco Cloud Observability for more information.

The Cisco Observability Platform provides HTTP REST API that enables you to programmatically create, update, and manage one or more health rules for the monitored entities. Using the API, you can do the following:

  • Create health rules for a tenant
  • Get the list of health rules for a tenant
  • Disable the health rules
  • Enable the health rules
  • Get the health roll up path of an entity
  • Modify a health rule
  • Delete a health rule

See API Reference for the health rule API endpoints, parameters, and schemas.