Cisco Observability Platform Query Service API


Cisco Observability Platform Query Service API provides access to observation data using the Cisco AppDynamics domain-specific language. It allows you to retrieve observation MELT (metrics, events, logs, traces) data using Cisco Cloud Observability Topology.

Cisco Observability Platform Query Service API is a collection of public REST endpoints. To begin using the API client, you need a valid JSON Web Token (JWT). To generate and use the token, see Cisco Cloud Observability Authentication.

You can retrieve all observation data including topology objects, graphs, logs, and traces using the Unified Query Language (UQL). Further, you can use UQL to integrate observation data in Cisco Cloud Observability with other systems. Experts can use UQL to delve deeper into the observed data.


  • is a declarative language.

  • is a data query language.

  • supports reading only - it does not allow data modification.

  • is a domain-specific language for the MELT model.

  • presents MELT data and State in the scope of monitored topology.

Unified Query Language User Guide describes the UQL components.