Cisco Metrics Search Engine (CMSE)

What is Cisco Metrics Search Engine (CMSE)?

CMSE is a search engine resource easing the burden of finding Cisco metrics, telemetry and instrumentation embedded in Cisco products – routers, switches, servers, applications, controllers etc. It benefits software developers, DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)-focused individuals who may not have prior experience with telemetry by using a familiar search engine model. It also provides code hints on how to use the identified telemetry in a practical manner. It achieves this by importing and aggregating code into a searchable database indexed categorically, by source type.

CMSE currently indexes:

  • Swagger or OpenAPI documentation for popular Cisco RESTful APIs

  • YANG models for IOS-XE, IOS-XR and NX-OS platforms

  • SNMP MIB objects

  • CLI ‘show’ command instrumentation

What CMSE does for DevOps/SREs

  • Reveals new instrumentation and telemetry options previously unknown across multiple platforms
  • Provides practical code snippets for authenticating with and building the payload of common data sources

What CMSE does for Network Engineers

  • Provides insight to telemetry and instrumentation that may have been familiar in CLI, but unfamiliar in APIs, YANG models or SNMP MIBs
  • Facilitates adoption of Software Defined Networking principles through suggested code snippets - encouraging rapid re-use and learning of code

Screenshot of the CMSE architecture.

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