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Why use EPNM APIs

EPNM provides easy to use and comprehensive APIs that allow integration with any standards-based OSS system north bound. EPNM's APIs extends its core functionalities using two of the most commonly used standards - MTOSI and RESTConf. These APIs are easily made available within the application with simple and extensive examples to allow rapid development towards automation.

Standards Conformation


RESTCONF NBI in Cisco EPN Manager is a RESTFul Web Services Interface that follows the IETF Draft specification of RESTCONF protocol for defining its interfaces and YANG specification for defining the data model.

The following W3C and IETF standards are used:

  • RESTCONF Specification – Version 18 will be published as an IETF standard (draft-ietf-netconf-restconf-18)
  • YANG Specification – RFC 6020
  • RESTful Web Services (JAX-RS)
  • XML Schema version 1.0 (XSD)
  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTP 1.1 - RFCs 7230-7237

While no standard exists for information model exposed by this interface, the model is roughly based on TeleManagement Forum (TMF) standards governing the modeling of physical and service inventory.