About the Firepower Threat Defense REST API

You can use the Firepower Threat Defense REpresentational State Transfer (REST) Application Programming Interface (API), over HTTPS, to interact with a FTD device through a client program. The REST API uses JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format to represent objects.

Firepower Device Manager includes an API Explorer that explains all of the resources and JSON objects available for your programmatic use. The Explorer provides detailed information about the attribute-value pairs in each object, and you can experiment with the various HTTP methods to ensure you understand the coding required to use each resource. The API Explorer also provides examples of the URLs required for each resource.

The API is has its own version number. There is no guarantee that a client designed for one version of the API will work for a future version without error or without requiring changes to your program.

For more information about configuring FTD devices, see Cisco Installation and Configuration Guides.