Introduction to Firewall Management Center

Cisco Firewall Management Center is a comprehensive security management solution that allows organizations to centrally monitor, configure, and control Cisco firewalls. It provides a unified interface for managing firewall policies, analyzing network traffic, and responding to security incidents, enabling efficient network security management.

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Introduction to Firewall Threat Defense

Cisco Firewall Threat Defense is a next-generation firewall solution that combines advanced threat detection, intelligent automation, and unified management capabilities. It provides comprehensive network security by integrating firewall functionality with advanced threat prevention features, such as intrusion prevention systems (IPS), malware protection, and URL filtering.

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Introduction to Ansible Collection for Firewall Management Center REST API

A collection of Ansible modules that automate provisioning, configuration management and execution of operational tasks on Cisco Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) devices. The collection contains 1 Ansible module:

  • [fmc_configuration] - manages device configuration via REST API. The module configures virtual and physical devices by sending HTTPS calls formatted according to the REST API specification;

How to use Ansible modules

A simple example of creating network objects with the fmc_configuration module looks like this.

- name: Create a Network Object
    operation: "createMultipleNetworkObject"
        name: net1
        overridable: False
        description: Network obj 1
        type: Network
        name: net2
        overridable: False
        description: Network obj 2
        type: Network
        domainUUID: "{{ domain_uuid }}"
        bulk: "{{ bulk }}"

Check out the Examples section for more playbook samples.