Introduction to Ansible modules for FTD 6.5.0

A collection of Ansible modules that automate provisioning, configuration management and execution of operational tasks on Cisco Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) devices. Currently, four Ansible modules are available:

  • ftd_configuration - manages device configuration via REST API. The module configures virtual and physical devices by sending HTTPS calls formatted according to the REST API specification;
  • ftd_file_download - downloads files from FTD devices via HTTPS protocol;
  • ftd_file_upload - uploads files to FTD devices via HTTPS protocol;
  • ftd_install - installs FTD images on hardware devices. The module performs a complete reimage of the Firepower system by downloading the new software image and installing it.

NOTE: Cisco makes no guarantee that the API version included on this Firepower Threat Device (the “API”) will be compatible with future releases. Cisco, at any time in its sole discretion, may modify, enhance or otherwise improve the API based on user feedback.

How to use Ansible modules

A simple example of creating a network with the ftd_configuration module looks like this:

- name: Create an FQDN network for Cisco FTD
    operation: upsertNetworkObject
      name: CiscoFtdNetwork
      subType: FQDN
      type: networkobject
      dnsResolution: IPV4_AND_IPV6

Check out the Examples section for more playbook samples.