The Edge Device Manager (EDM) is a secure, cloud-native, scalable tool to provision, manage and monitor IoT network devices. It is one of the components of the Cisco IoT Operations Dashboard (IoT OD). IoT OD is a cloud-based dashboard that empowers operations teams to uncover valuable insights that help them streamline operations and drive business continuity with one secure, comprehensive view of all their connected industrial assets.

  • For more details on IoT OD — here.
  • For detailed EDM documentation for all its features — here.

EDM API is a RESTful API to programmatically deploy, monitor, and gain insights from networking devices and connected industrial assets at scale. This enables you to integrate with any third-party system so you can manage/monitor your data in multiple applications securely from a single pane of glass, using proper authentication and authorization.

What can you do with the EDM API?

  • Manage EDM Configuration Groups and Templates
  • Onboard devices to EDM Inventory in bulk
  • Push configuration and run firmware upgrades on a batch of devices
  • Fetch and update the device and connected industrial asset details
  • Monitor device interfaces
  • Troubleshoot onboarded devices by looking at device events and alerts and running troubleshooting commands
  • Deactivate and delete devices in EDM Inventory