SEA (Secure Equipment Access) by Cisco enables secure remote access to industrial OT assets, embedding Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) into switches and routers, making secure remote access capabilities very simple to deploy at scale. It is one of the components of the Cisco IoT Operations Dashboard (IoT OD). IoT OD is a cloud-based dashboard that empowers operations teams to uncover valuable insights that help them streamline operations and drive business continuity with one secure, comprehensive view of all their industrial assets.

  • For more details on IoT OD — here.
  • For detailed SEA documentation for all its features — here.

SEA API enables streamlined management of industrial assets by allowing easy integration and control of network devices and assets. Through RESTful capabilities, it facilitates functions like adding, monitoring, and deleting devices while ensuring secure access and data management within the IoT Operations Dashboard.

What can you do with the SEA API?

  • Add the Assets attached to the Network Devices that users can access.
  • Create Access Control Groups of users who can remotely access the Network Devices (Assets and External Assets).
  • Retrieve the details of the Sessions through Session history APIs.
  • Add Network Devices and Assets in bulk in SEA.
  • Delete Network Devices and Assets in SEA.