Cisco IOx Documentation and Downloads The Cisco IOx guides provide device setup of gateways and links to download ioxclient so you can learn how to host Docker IoT applications for sensor data.

What is IOx?

  Cisco IOx is an application environment that is used by businesses ranging from manufacturing and energy corporations to public sector organizations such as cities and transportation authorities that use IoT technologies to produce effective business outcomes.

Cisco IOx allows you to execute IoT applications in the fog with secure connectivity with Cisco IOS software, and get powerful services for rapid, reliable integration with IoT sensors and the cloud.


Why IOx?

Rapid application building and deployment

IOx allows consistent deployment of applications that are independent of your network infrastructure and docker tooling for development.

Application lifecycle management at scale

With an intuitive GUI for on-premises or cloud-based management, IOx lets you back up and restore application data. You can also perform upgrades and view troubleshooting logs.

Built-in security

Built-in container security allows you to run only trusted applications with application signing and verification.    

In summary

IOx Introduction


Learn IOx


To get started using Cisco IOx, we recommend that you visit our free training environment in DevNet Learning Labs. Here you can learn to build an IOx application with Docker using the DevNet Sandbox.

Cisco IOx Learning Labs