EFM Connector Catalog

This is the Cisco Edge & Fog Processing Module (EFM) list of microservices or DSLinks.

We have created a catalog of DSLinks that are available for the Cisco Edge & Fog Processing Module (EFM). The intention is to make it easier to search and download the DSLinks that might be used in a project or a solution.

There is a large list of DSLinks and continuously expanding. The majority are developed by a community outside of Cisco. We have organized the catalog to clearly state what is the known support of the DSLink. This allows for not only understanding the availability, but also understanding the resources available in case of defects or feature requirements.

These are the major categories for the DSLinks:

  • Cisco Developed and Supported DSLinks
  • Open Source and Cisco Supported DSLinks
  • Third Party Developed and Third Party Supported DSLinks
  • Open Source DSLinks - Community Supported

What's New

Please note that the end of life for the Cisco Edge & Fog Processing Module (EFM) is announced.
More information can be found here: EoL Announcement EFM

End of software maintenance releases is scheduled for May 6th, 2022.
After this date, Cisco Engineering will no longer develop, repair, maintain, or test the product software including the Connector Catalog.


A DSlink is a wrapper or container, with a domain-specific library, or functionality, that is exposed to the EFM network.

The DSLinks types in the catalog are:

  • Device links-Provide connectivity to a specific type of device or protocol (e.g., Modbus, WeMo, etc.)
  • Bridge links-Enable two way communications with other general-purpose protocols (e.g., MQTT, MTConnect, etc.)
  • Engine links-Contain logic or connect to processes that provide specific functionality (e.g., JDBC, SPARK, Dataflow, Machine Learning, etc.)

Adding, deleting or correcting information in the Catalog

If you have developed a DSLink and would like to be added or removed, or simply find errors in the information please contact us by sending an email to efm-catalog@cisco.com