Meraki Tools for Google Sheets

Meraki Tools is a Google Sheets Add-on to generate reports and includes various tools to work with the Meraki API.

Instantly generate reports from your Meraki network into a spreadsheet, then take advantage of the many features of Google Sheets such as using the Explore feature to visualize the Meraki data.

Download Add-on


  • Reports
    • Hundreds of Meraki Dynamic Reports
      • Dynamic form selectors (Orgs, Nets, Devices, Clients, etc.)
    • Custom Meraki Reports (iterations, enhanced results)
  • Open API Explorer
    • Live Swagger Console
  • JSON to Sheets
    • Convert any JSON to a spreadsheet

Technical Support

This add-on is an open source project. You can submit issues here or submit pull requests with any proposed enhancements.


Created By: Cory Guynn - 2019

Github: @dexterlabora

GitHub Repository