Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) Documentation and Downloads The Cisco NSO guides provide use cases, best practices and links to download NSO so you can learn how to automate your network orchestration in the tutorials

NSO Fundamentals

Cisco® Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) enabled by Tail-f® is an industry-leading orchestration platform for hybrid networks. It provides comprehensive lifecycle service automation to enable you to design and deliver high-quality services faster and more easily.

The network is a foundation for revenue generation. Therefore, service providers must implement network orchestration to simplify the entire lifecycle management for services. For today’s virtualized networks, this means transparent orchestration that spans multiple domains in your network and includes network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) as well as your traditional physical network and all its components

NSO is a model driven (YANG) platform for automating your network orchestration. It supports multi-vendor networks through a rich variety of Network Element Drivers (NEDs).

We support the process of validating, implementing and abstracting your network config and network services, providing support for the entire transformation into intent based networking.