Top keywords and use cases for your API, 50-60 chars


> Welcome to the OpenAPI Sample project. This project provides a template for the common documentation requirements of a REST-based API that has been documented using the OpenAPI Specification (OAS) description format. Notes and links to additional guidance is offered throughout the template using this styling. Where appropriate, there are also examples provided from Cisco product documentation to guide you along the way.

> Details on how to customize this template may be found in the file of this repository. We recommend you clone the repository and follow the file. Adjust the pages as appropriate to meet the needs of your API audience.

> This is the overview page for your API where the reader is introduced to what the API does, the value it delivers, and an overview of the key capabilities it offers.

> Remember that an API is more than a project, it is a product that targets developers. Refer to the "API as a Product" section of the style guide for additional information.

> Provide a 1-2 sentence introduction to the purpose of the API. Meraki Example:

A RESTful API to programmatically manage and monitor Meraki networks at scale.

> Describe common use cases and tasks to do with the API. If needed, provide architecture diagrams showing alignment with technologies and integration points. Meraki Example:

What can the XYZ Admin API be used for?

  • Add new organizations, admins, networks, devices, VLANs, and more
  • Configure thousands of networks in minutes
  • On-board and off-board new employees’ teleworker setup automatically
  • Build your own dashboard for store managers, field techs, or unique use cases

> Provide the value statements from a customer perspective. Questions to consider include: What's in it for them? When should they use the API instead of a CLI? Are there cases where the API isn't designed for that use? Any security considerations to point out? Let them know they can be successful with the API and its intended uses. Cisco DNA Example:

Cisco DNA Center supports the expression of business intent for network use cases, such as base automation capabilities in the enterprise network. Cisco customers and partners can use the Cisco DNA Center platform to create value-added applications that leverage the native capabilities of Cisco DNA Center.

> Additional Cisco product examples: