Cisco UCS Programmability

UCS Management and UCS Director Programmability

The Cisco Unified Compute System is the realization of Programmable Infrastructure. By providing an open full-coverage API, UCS enables infrastructure developers to manage compute, network, and storage resources with simplicity. The UCS Unified APIs are available in UCS Manager, UCS Central, and UCS IMC. Because the Unified APIs are, well ... unified, learning one API means you've learned the others. The systems or endpoints you develop for are represented as hierarchical Object Models referred to as the Management Information Tree.

UCS Director APIs provide access to tasks and workflows that can be used to automate and orchestrate UCS resources along with other data center resources and give the application and DevOps developers the complete programatic access they need.

UCS Unified APIs and UCS Director APIs come together to enable complete automation and orchestration of the Data Center. The code samples, blogs, creations and guides in this site combined with the Sandboxes, DevNet support, and community support at provide the foundation and more for all your data center development needs.

Data center automation is a combination of multiple tools and tool chains. UCS Director can manage those tools and tool chains as well as the data center resources. UCS Director's multiple APIs and extensibility options provide an enhanced environment geared towards DevOps and the provisioning of application environments.

In the same way that UCS Director can consume UCS Management APIs, UCS Director's APIs can be consumed as well by Cisco Cloud Center or UCS Director could just as easily sit side-by-side with Cisco Cloud Center. The end goal is automation and orchestration of data center resources and potentially beyond. UCS Management APIs and UCS Director APIs get you there.