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IoT Security
IoT Security
Cyber Vision

Cyber Vision provides visibility into operational activity and events to ensure seamless operations, higher uptime, and safety of industrial operations.

Industrial Security
Mgmt & Automation
Mgmt & Automation
Cisco IoT Operations Dashboard

A cloud-based dashboard that enables OT staff to reduce downtime and improve safety by simply deploying, managing, monitoring and maintaining critical IoT-powered networks, assets and data using built-in IT-managed standards. By streamlining collaboration between IT and OT, this dashboard enables organizations to manage secure IoT connectivity at massive scale with existing staff.

Control Center

Control Center is an IoT services platform. It provides set-and-forget automation of the entire IoT service lifecycle. It gives you real-time network intelligence, with continuous monitoring of changing network conditions and device behavior. And it is deeply integrated into numerous operator groups across the globe.

Field Network Director

Cisco IoT Field Network Director (FND) is the network management system for FAN deployment at scale. Cisco FND is designed to help operations teams manage large scale FAN lifecycles across changing conditions and network constraints to stay up and running.

IOx DevNet-Testing Program

Accelerate business transformation with tested applications on programmable IoT infrastructure!

Industrial NetDevOps

Industrial NetDevOps brings the Culture, Tools and Technical Methods from DevOps to Industrial Networks so that they will be more secure, flexible and fast-responding.

Edge Data Managment
Edge Data Managment
Edge Intelligence

Cisco Edge Intelligence is a new IoT software that Extracts, Transforms, Governs and Delivers data from connected assets at the edge to multi-cloud destinations.

Edge Computing Infrastructure
Edge Computing Infrastructure

Cisco IOx is a simple yet powerful infrastructure framework allowing developers and operators to securely onboard legacy and greenfield applications to their IoT edge infrastructure at massive scale, creating business value from previously untapped data.

Industrial Routing
  • Ruggedized, industrial design
  • Multiservice IPv6 advanced routing
  • Integrated security
  • High-availability operation
Industrial Switching
  • Industry-leading reliability and performance
  • Simple, OT-centric management
  • Support for industrial protocols and standards
  • Purpose-built for harsh industrial environments
IoT Gateways
  • Rapid deployment and simple management
  • Edge application execution with Cisco IOx
  • Operates in hostile environments
  • Highly available and secure operation
Industrial Wireless
  • Mission-critical wireless for IoT applications
  • Certified for operation in extreme environments
  • Best-in-class RF architecture
  • Simple management at IoT scale
Low-power Wireless
  • Secure connectivity for lower-power IoT devices
  • Carrier-class service with rich IP support
  • Zero-touch deployment and simple ongoing operation
  • Flexible backhaul across Ethernet, 3G, 4G/LTE, and Wi-Fi
Embedded Networking
  • Easily integrated, high-performance connectivity
  • Tailored for industrial IoT applications
  • Comprehensive, integrated security
  • Flexible, highly secure IoT data delivery
Machines / Devices / Sensors
Learning Resources and Documentation for Cisco IoT Solutions Learning Cisco IoT learning track Get a step-by-step walkthrough on setting up your account and adding your first gateways and assets. Documentation IOx Host applications on Cisco hardware, including container-based deployments. Cisco IPv6 Mesh Create a communication network overlay for the electric distribution grid to enable street lighting, connectivity to solar or wind power, on-demand metering, and other smart city use cases. Control Center Automate connectivity management, deployment, and track activity for all your cellular connected devices. Get Started with Cisco IoT Products Building an IOx application
Building an IOx Application with Docker
With the Dockerfile and files edited and in place, the last file to modify for this lab is the package.yaml file that defines the instructions on how to package and run the IOx application. YAML is a markup language that in IOx is used to store configuration information about the application package.
  1. 1 From within your working directory on the Desktop, open the package.yaml file with a text editor.
  2. 2 Create the package file
    descriptor-schema-version: "2.2"
    name: iox_docker_python_ll
    description: "IOx Docker Python Web Learning Lab Application"
    version: "1.0"
    author-link: ""
    author-name: "Cisco Systems"
    cpuarch: "x86_64"
    type: docker
    profile: c1.small
        interface-name: eth0
            - 8000
    rootfs: rootfs.tar
    target: ["python3"]
    Note: Feel free to copy and paste this yaml block into the package.yaml file
  3. 3 Review what this markup file represents in the configuration of the IOx application:
    • The descriptor-schema-version section of the file defines what version is used. Currently 2.2 is the standard for IOx 1.2 applications.
    • The info section describes the informational aspects of the application that will be displayed when deploying and when installed.
    • The app section defines the properties of the application. This includes the CPU architecture, the type of application (in this case docker), and then the resource profile the application should use. The interface-name sub-section indicates that port 8000 will be utilized by the IOx application.
    • Finally, the startup section tells the IOx application framework which root filesystem to use and what command to run as specified in target. In this case, it is calling the python3 interpreter to run the script.
  4. 4 Save the file with your modification.
Manage an IoT application
Cisco IOx Local Manager
Cisco IOx Local Manager is a platform-specific application that is installed on a host system as part of the installation of the Cisco IOx framework on that device. It provides a web-based user interface that you can use to manage, administer, monitor, and troubleshoot apps on the host system, and to perform a variety of related activities.

Cisco IoT Field Network Director
Cisco IoT Field Network Director (FND) is the network management system for FAN deployment at scale. Network connectivity and bandwidth availability for IoT gateways and devices are often influenced by environmental changes and cellular network coverage. Cisco FND is designed to help operations teams manage large scale FAN lifecycles across changing conditions and network constraints to stay up and running.
Additional Resources
Try out IoT devices and orchestrators in our IoT Sandboxes, a free 24/7 hosted development environment for integrating and working with code.
Code Exchange
Check out IoT examples, sample code, and more on GitHub. Get inspired by what others have built.
Ecosystem Exchange
A platform to connect Cisco partners who are building solutions and services using Cisco APIs, to customers who are looking to leverage or integrate existing solutions to drive business outcomes.