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Class jabberwerx.PEPController

Extends jabberwerx.PubSubController.

Controller to manage PEP nodes.

Class Summary
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Creates a new PEPController with the given client.

Fields borrowed from class jabberwerx.Controller:
client, name
Method Summary
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Destroys this PEPController.

node(node, jid)

Return the specified PEPNode.

Methods borrowed from class jabberwerx.PubSubController:
Methods borrowed from class jabberwerx.Controller:
removeEntity, updateEntity
Methods borrowed from class jabberwerx.JWModel:
applyEvent, event, shouldBeSavedWithGraph
Methods borrowed from class jabberwerx.JWBase:
getClassName, graphUnserialized, init, invocation, shouldBeSerializedInline, toString, wasUnserialized, willBeSerialized
Class Detail

Creates a new PEPController with the given client.

{jabberwerx.Client} client
The client object to use for communicating to the server
If {client} is not a jabberwerx.Client
Method Detail

Destroys this PEPController. This method removes all PEPNodes from the owning client.

{jabberwerx.PEPNode} node(node, jid)

Return the specified PEPNode. Creates the node if one doesn't already exist. This method overrides the superclass to return PEPNode instances, and to make {jid} an optional argument.

{String} node
the node
{jabberwerx.JID|String} jid Optional
The JID.
if {node} is not a string.
if {jid} defined and is invalid.
{jabberwerx.PEPNode} The requested PEPNode.

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