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Class jabberwerx.TemporaryEntity (MINIMAL)

Extends jabberwerx.Entity.

An empty extension of jabberwerx.Entity. Used when storing presence status for user's who would otherwise not be in the entity set.

Class Summary
Constructor Attributes Constructor Name and Description

An empty extension of jabberwerx.Entity

Fields borrowed from class jabberwerx.Entity:
features, identities, jid, node, properties
Methods borrowed from class jabberwerx.Entity:
apply, destroy, getAllPresence, getDisplayName, getGroups, getPrimaryPresence, getResourcePresence, hasFeature, hasIdentity, isActive, matches, remove, setDisplayName, setGroups, toString, update, updatePresence
Methods borrowed from class jabberwerx.JWModel:
applyEvent, event, shouldBeSavedWithGraph
Methods borrowed from class jabberwerx.JWBase:
getClassName, graphUnserialized, init, invocation, shouldBeSerializedInline, wasUnserialized, willBeSerialized
Class Detail
jabberwerx.TemporaryEntity(jid, cache)

An empty extension of jabberwerx.Entity

{String|jabberwerx.JID} jid Optional
The identifying JID
{jabberwerx.Controller|jabberwerx.EntitySet} cache Optional
The controller or cache for this entity

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