Dashboard API Release v1.47


Summary of Changes

  • New Endpoints: 5
  • Updated Endpoints: 87
  • Total Endpoints: 728
  • Total Paths: 477

What's New

Organizations - Summary

Wireless - Electronic Shelf Label (ESL)

  • Device ESL Settings: Return and update the ESL settings of a device

    • Enables users to return and update the ESL settings for specific devices, facilitating the management of electronic shelf labels within the network.
    • GET /devices/{serial}/wireless/electronicShelfLabel
    • PUT /devices/{serial}/wireless/electronicShelfLabel
  • Network ESL Settings: Return and update the ESL settings of a wireless network

    • These endpoints allow for retrieving and updating the ESL settings across an entire wireless network, ensuring consistent configurations.
    • GET /networks/{networkId}/wireless/electronicShelfLabel
    • PUT /networks/{networkId}/wireless/electronicShelfLabel
  • ESL Eligible Devices: Get a list of all ESL eligible devices of a network

    • Lists all devices within a network that are eligible for ESL settings, aiding in the deployment and management of electronic shelf labels.
    • GET /networks/{networkId}/wireless/electronicShelfLabel/configuredDevices

What's Updated


  • Client Data Usage: Return data usage over time for all clients

    • Added optional parameters: networkTag, deviceTag, networkId, ssidName, and usageUplink.
    • GET /organizations/{organizationId}/clients/bandwidthUsageHistory
  • Device Uplink Addresses: List current uplink addresses for devices

    • Added optional property vlan to the request and response.
    • GET /organizations/{organizationId}/devices/uplinks/addresses/byDevice
  • Network Privileges: List networks with user privileges

    • Added optional parameter productTypes.
    • GET /organizations/{organizationId}/networks
  • Top Utilization Metrics: Return top utilization metrics

    • Enhanced multiple summary endpoints to include optional parameters for better filtering and sorting, such as networkTag, deviceTag, networkId, quantity, ssidName, and usageUplink.
    • GET /organizations/{organizationId}/summary/top/appliances/byUtilization
    • GET /organizations/{organizationId}/summary/top/clients/byUsage
    • GET /organizations/{organizationId}/summary/top/clients/manufacturers/byUsage
    • GET /organizations/{organizationId}/summary/top/devices/byUsage
    • GET /organizations/{organizationId}/summary/top/devices/models/byUsage
    • GET /organizations/{organizationId}/summary/top/networks/byStatus
    • GET /organizations/{organizationId}/summary/top/ssids/byUsage
    • GET /organizations/{organizationId}/summary/top/switches/byEnergyUsage


  • Quality Retention Profiles: Create and update quality retention profiles
    • Added optional properties MV33M, MV13M, MV63M, and MV93M to support new camera models.
    • POST /networks/{networkId}/camera/qualityRetentionProfiles
    • PUT /networks/{networkId}/camera/qualityRetentionProfiles/{qualityRetentionProfileId}



  • Sensor Alerts: Manage sensor alert profiles
    • Added optional property co2 to sensor alert profiles.
    • POST /networks/{networkId}/sensor/alerts/profiles
    • PUT /networks/{networkId}/sensor/alerts/profiles/{id}
    • GET /networks/{networkId}/sensor/alerts/profiles
    • GET /networks/{networkId}/sensor/alerts/profiles/{id}


  • Access Policies: Manage access policies for a switch network
    • Added optional property cache and removed serverId.
    • POST /networks/{networkId}/switch/accessPolicies
    • PUT /networks/{networkId}/switch/accessPolicies/{accessPolicyNumber}
    • GET /networks/{networkId}/switch/accessPolicies
    • GET /networks/{networkId}/switch/accessPolicies/{accessPolicyNumber}




  • Cisco Meraki API collection received The Best API Award at the 2024 Postman API Network Awards. The Meraki Dashboard API has not only earned this recognition but also secured Rank 10 out of more than 100,000 APIs on the Postman Public API Network.
  • Meraki ServiceNow Graph connector version 1.4.0 is released and is compatible with ServiceNow's Washington DC release.
  • New feature added to the connector! The new version of the connector now supports multiple API key credentials. Customers will now be able to add multiple Meraki API keys in the ServiceNow integration.
  • Dasboard API python library versiom 1.46.0 released.

Dashboard API Release v1.46

Summary of Changes for Version 1.46.0


  • New Endpoints: 18
  • Updated Endpoints: 66
  • Total Endpoints: 721
  • Total Paths: 472

What's New

Organizations - Alerts


Splash Themes

  • Splash Theme Management: Create, list, and delete Splash Themes
    • Full management capabilities for customizing captive portal themes, including creating new themes, listing existing themes, and deleting outdated themes.
    • Manage Splash Theme Assets: Add and remove assets for Splash Themes
      • Detailed asset management within themes, allowing customization of individual components such as welcome screens or login pages.

Wireless - Air Marshal

  • Air Marshal Configuration: Configure Air Marshal settings and rules
    • Introduces comprehensive control over Air Marshal settings, including the ability to create, update, and delete rules tailored to specific network security needs.
    • View Air Marshal Settings and Rules: View current settings and rules
      • Access and review the current configurations and rules set for Air Marshal, ensuring alignment with organizational security policies.



  • Terraform

    • Meraki has just released an official Terraform provider, enabling Infrastructure as Code.
    • Community post
  • API Index

    • A new page on the API Docs is available to explore, filter and search all Meraki API operations and their related details.
    • Community post
  • Cisco XDR Integration

    • A new custom webhook template for the Cisco XDR Automation service is now available.
    • Docs
  • Response Schemas

    • Major improvements to over 200 response schemas across the API. These updates provide comprehensive property documentation, ensuring complete and accurate API responses for better integration and automation.

Dashboard API Release v1.45


Summary of Changes

  • 6 - New
  • 203 - Updated
  • 700 - Total Endpoints
  • 454 - Total Paths

What's New

Appliance - SDWAN

  • Update SDWAN Internet Traffic Preferences for an MX Network [PUT /networks/{networkId}/appliance/sdwan/internetPolicies]
    • Enhance MX network performance by customizing SDWAN internet traffic preferences, including uplink choices based on performance criteria and traffic filters.
    • Resource

Switch - Ports

  • Returns Active Ports Overview [GET /organizations/{organizationId}/switch/ports/overview]
    • Offers a detailed count of all active and inactive switch ports within a specified timeframe, categorized by speed and media type.
    • Resource

Sensor - Commands

  • Historical Log of Commands [GET /devices/{serial}/sensor/commands]

    • Retrieve a log of all sensor-related commands issued to a device, detailing each command's execution status and administrative origin.
    • Resource
  • Send Command to Sensor [POST /devices/{serial}/sensor/commands]

    • Issue direct commands to Meraki MT sensors, enabling remote sensor management and configuration.
    • Resource
  • Command Execution Status [GET /devices/{serial}/sensor/commands/{commandId}]

    • Access detailed information on the execution of specific sensor commands, including operational outcomes and any encountered errors.
    • Resource

Wireless - SSIDs and RF Profiles

  • List BSSID Status Information [GET /organizations/{organizationId}/wireless/ssids/statuses/byDevice]

    • Gather status details for all BSSIDs across the organization, including RF band, channel information, and SSID configuration.
    • Resource
  • RF Profile Assignments by Device [GET /organizations/{organizationId}/wireless/rfProfiles/assignments/byDevice]

    • Enumerate RF profile settings applied across devices within the organization, facilitating optimized wireless performance management.
    • Resource



  • Introduction of the throughputTest Live Tool for devices, enabling testing of device throughput over a specified duration with an option of to send results via a callback webhook.
  • New inventory management features have been added, including bulk device swaps.
  • Enhanced licensing management with endpoints for retrieving subscription entitlements and checking compliance status for subscriptions.
  • Several endpoints have been updated with complete response schemas within the OpenAPI specification. This should improve the quality of the API documentation as well as libraries and tools that utilize the spec.

Dashboard API Release v1.44

Changelog 1.44.0

Summary of Changes

  • 7 - New
  • 41 - Updated
  • 694 - Total Endpoints
  • 449 - Total Paths



Dashboard API Release 1.43

Changelog 1.43.0

Summary of Changes

  • 17 - New
  • 139 - Updated
  • 687 - Total Endpoints
  • 442 - Total Paths

What's New


  • [ sm ]
    • devices
      • Reboot a set of endpoints
      • Shutdown a set of endpoints
    • admins
      • List the Limited Access Roles for an organization
      • CRUD group for a Limited Access Role
    • sentry
      • Update an Organizations Sentry Policies using the provided list.
      • List the Sentry Policies for an organization ordered in ascending order of priority
  • [ organizations ]
    • summary
      • List the client and status overview information for the networks in an organization.
  • [ devices ]
    • cableTest
      • Enqueue a job to perform a cable test for the device on the specified ports.
      • Return a cable test live tool job.
    • wakeOnLan
      • Enqueue a job to send a Wake-on-LAN packet from the device
      • Return a Wake-on-LAN job
    • arpTable
      • Enqueue a job to perform a ARP table request for the device. This endpoint currently supports switches.
      • Return an ARP table live tool job.
  • [ appliance ]
    • uplinks
      • Returns an overview of uplink statuses
  • [ camera ]
    • boundaries
      • Returns all configured area boundaries of cameras
      • Returns all configured crossingline boundaries of cameras
    • detections
      • Returns analytics data for timespans

What's Updated

========== Optional parameters and response properties are added to the following endpoints.



  • Pagination (Number of entries per page) limit increased to 5000 for Get Network Clients API endpoint

Dashboard API Release v1.42

Changelog 1.42.0

Summary of Changes

  • 0 - New
  • 6 - Updated
  • 667 - Total Endpoints
  • 425 - Total Paths

What's Updated