Introducing MindMeld The MindMeld Conversational AI Platform is a Python-based machine learning framework which encompasses all of the algorithms and utilities required for building production-quality conversational applications. Evolved over several years of building and deploying dozens of advanced interfaces, MindMeld is optimized for building conversational assistants which demonstrate deep understanding of a particular use case or domain while providing highly useful and versatile conversational experiences. /img/architecture.png fastMode=true&type=Code&sortBy=importance&keyPrefix=mindmeld&extended=true utm_campaign=ow-codeexchange&utm_medium=pubhubwidget&utm_source=site_codeexchange_mindmeld 3 Get the code and tools and try it yourself See more in Code Exchange Sorry, we couldn’t find any code repos you were looking for.
Why MindMeld?
Power and Versatility Powerful command-line utilities and Python APIs with the flexibility to accommodate nearly any product requirements. Algorithms and Data Access to state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and streamlined management of large sets of custom training data. You Own Your Data Proprietary training data and models always remain within the control and ownership of your application. End-to-End Functionality End-to-end functionality for natural language processing, question answering, and dialogue management. Knowledge-Driven Learning Support for custom knowledge bases to enhance the intelligence and utility of your application. Robust Voice Interfaces Enhanced entity recognition and resolution to deal with automatic speech recognition (ASR) errors.