Welcome to the world of network simulation

Physical labs alone cannot keep pace with the changes in business and technology. That’s where virtual labs come in.

Cisco Modeling Labs provides you with an on-premise network simulation tool that runs on workstations and servers. You can quickly and easily simulate Cisco and non-Cisco networks, using real Cisco images that let you create highly reliable network simulations.

As networks scale, your labs need to scale too
Latest features for V2.5 Clustering Phase II (Enterprise and Education only): This update to the latest clustering feature (which enables horizontal scaling across multiple servers) now offers management enhancements to allow more control over your compute nodes, user, or group resource limiting. UI changes include annotations, such as rectangles, ellipses, and text lines, to provide richer tables with documentation and more customization. Other features include a new reference platform (Catalyst 9000v), improved IPv6 support, and accessibility improvements, especially targeting visually impaired users. Model your network Cisco Modeling Labs Personal is perfect for your certification study. Cisco Modeling Labs Enterprise is built for your corporate network. Cisco Modeling Labs for Education offers a price point that enables students to practice and learn. A variety of provided Cisco reference platforms let you design and test your network. Open-source images are included to enhance your network simulation. You can integrate third-party KVM. NetDevOps Lets you create a network CI/CD pipeline Integrates with pyATS Integrates with Ansible Includes API that allows unlimited automation
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Life is good when you can lab from anywhere

Reduce your lab costs. Increase your productivity. Practice and learn the latest techniques. With Cisco Modeling Labs, the power of network simulation is at your fingertips.

Cisco Modeling Labs for you and your team

Would you like your own Cisco Modeling Labs license? Or does your whole team need network simulation?

FOR SINGLE USER Personal Cisco Modeling Labs Personal is focused on the entry-level network engineer, offering enough capacity to design basic networks to support certifications such as CCNA and DevNet Associate. $199.00 or 2 Cisco Learning Credits Ships with 20 Cisco nodes and cannot expand For single user only Offers community support only Available via CLN Store only Buy now Personal Plus Cisco Modeling Labs Personal Plus offers the more advanced engineer up to 40 nodes for modeling more advanced networks. This solution supports the certification practice needs of CCIE students. $349.00 or 4 Cisco Learning Credits Same as Cisco Modeling Labs Personal, but with 40 nodes instead of 20 Buy now
FOR TEAMS Enterprise Ships with 20 Cisco nodes and can expand up to 300 nodes Offers multiuser functionality Offers community and TAC support Allows clustering Education Targets community colleges and universities Provides a significantly lower price point for educational institutions Offers community and TAC support Allows clustering
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At the Cisco DevNet Sandbox, you can sign up for a free 4-hour session with Cisco Modeling Labs. When your session begins, you’ll find a Cisco Modeling Labs server with a sample topology loaded and running. Go ahead and give it a whirl! Visit the sandbox