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Why integrate with pxGrid Cloud?
Rapid Threat Containment With Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE), pxGrid Cloud developers can enforce or investigate threats based on security policy violations. Information Exchange pxGrid Cloud-integrated partners can share content simultaneously with other pxGrid partner solutions by publishing and subscribing to topics of interests, allowing for cross-solution integrations. APIs Assists in guest access management, information exchange, manipulation of groups, users, endpoint, devices and more. Consistent Context Exchange Delivers consistent context exchange with on-prem and cloud partners Applications can consume additional context around user events from ISE, such as how users connect to the network, what devices they use, and if they are compliant Secure Cloud Ecosystem Secure connection to the internet for cloud ecosystem integration Connection and onboarding are simplified through tokens shared with ISE Provides robust connection without the need for multiple on-prem nodes pxGrid Context-In Increase ISE endpoint efficacy with additional attributes Assisting in profiling endpoint Basing authorization of external attributes
Get started with pxGrid Cloud Get started with the application onboarding process in the Onboarding Guide . Then, learn more about pxGrid Cloud API, pxGrid Cloud SDK, and Cisco ISE ERS API, Open API, and Monitoring API below.
pxGrid Cloud API The pxGrid Cloud API is used to manage various operations on the pxGrid Cloud such as management of applications, activation of tenants, device registration, activating applications and so on. pxGrid Cloud API Reference pxGrid Cloud SDK The Software Development Kit (SDK) lets you easily create applications for pxGrid Cloud and consume pxGrid, ERS and OpenAPI services from ISE. pxGrid Cloud SDK ISE APIs pxGrid Cloud allows clients on the cloud to consume the ERS API, Open API and Monitoring API from ISE. Cisco ISE API Reference
Explore our list of partners Automate your security with the help of ISE Ecosystem Partners for your on-prem applications and cloud-based solutions. /images/partners.png ISE Ecosystem Partners _blank ISE Ecosystem Partners These include:
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Ixia
  • SAP
  • and more
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Questions? We are here to help. images/email.png _blank EMAIL US Onboarding application support For any issues with onboarding a specific application to pxGrid Cloud images/email.png _blank EMAIL US Technical support For general technical issues related to pxGrid Cloud or your application