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pyATS In Your Network
Certification Tests Assess whether new products, releases or changesets work with the rest of your network using the pyATS ecosystem as your gatekeeper. CI/CD Safety Net Profile your network, then save a snapshot. Make changes at will, and compare the state before and after. The pyATS ecosystem will tell you the exact side effects of your changes. Network Automation Build your own business logic on top of the libraries that model your devices and features. Control how you want to monitor the state of your network.
The Core
Pythonic and Object Oriented; Extensible and plugin friendly; Large Community Base pyATS Docs
Feature-centric object models; Agnostic Objects; Plug and Play; Extensible Genie Docs
The pyATS dashboard
Next generation SSR; Micro-service based; Front-page of E2E Cisco Automation Solution XPRESSO Homepage Network Assurance: pyATS for Network Engineers by Siming Yuan An introduction of what is pyATS, and what the ecosystem has to offer. Learn about how use and leverage pyATS: start with some before and after state comparison of your devices, move on to certification and feature validation; keeping a history of changes in your networks and building a safety-net around your day-to-day operations; top-it off with how to manage your tests, resources and results, visualizing everything in the XPRESSO dashboard. A brief introduction to pyATS by Raymond Hettinger Raymond is an veteran Python core developer currently teaching Python and pyATS in Cisco. In this video, Raymond provides a brief overview to pyATS, highlighting its scalability, flexibility, pluggability and general ease-of-use. Raymond is particularly fond of pyATS's YAML-based testbed files, which load into linked objects representing the current topology under test.
Learn pyATS If you're interested in trying out pyATS for the first time, these Learning Labs are for you. Each of the tutorials include easy step-by-step instructions.
Introduction to pyATS Execute simple connectivity tests using pyATS Operation Status Check Step through running a system profile (snapshot operational states, check for differences) with pyATS
Try out pyATS in the Sandbox The DevNet Sandboxes provide developers with zero-cost, easy access to infrastructure and platforms to develop and run code against, anytime. Use this testing environment to follow along with the Learning Labs. VIEW ALL SANDBOXES /site/sandbox/ _blank /images/sandbox.png Multi-IOS Cisco Test Network Sandbox _blank Multi-IOS Cisco Test Network Sandbox The Multi-IOS Cisco Test Network Sandbox provides a developer with an environment to design, develop and test applications across multiple Cisco Platforms. These platforms include anything that can run in Cisco VIRL. Try it out _blank button btn-primary btn-lg-wider
Value-Add to your Cisco products Developed originally for internal Cisco Engineering since 2014, the pyATS ecosystem is the de-facto test/validation solution used by thousands of Cisco engineers in their in day-to-day development of new features, releases and platforms.
Now available for you to leverage, today. Zero cost: a free networking test and validation framework Same code-base and features internally and externally Open source feature library implementations in GitHub Ready-to-use Docker images
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