Features of the Reference Design Kits (RDK)
One-stop shop Cisco's RDK brings together a one-stop shop of hardware and software so that you can focus on building a solution Development Environment The DevNet Sandbox makes it easy to try out the RDK and simulate integration with your machine Dedicated support Get access to the developer community, support teams and the broader ecosystem of partners
About the Reference Design Kits Each Cisco Reference Design Kit (RDK) is designed to bring together all the product, technical and program resources for industrial vendors to embed and resell Cisco equipment as part of their offering.
A Cisco Reference Design Kit will be available for each of the following routers and switches: Cisco Industrial Router IR 807 Cisco Industrial Router IR 809 Cisco Industrial Router IR 829 Cisco Industrial Router IR1101 Cisco Embedded Services 3300 Series Switch Cisco 5900 Series Embedded Services Routers When you order a kit, you will receive the relevant hardware as well as an email with links to the software required to connect your machine to your business systems: Product API and services Product documentation including best practices, reference architecture and knowledge base Developer Sandbox Developer support for technical questions about the RDK
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Cisco's industrial networking products are used by industrial control system vendors, robotics and machinery vendors today to add secure networking to their equipment.

Vendors embed Cisco switches and routers (ESS 6300 and ESR 5915) directly into equipment. Industrial partners also use Cisco Industrial Routers products (IR 807, IR 809, IR 829, IR 1101) and Cisco Industrial Ethernet (IE1000 to IE 5000) switches as a part of their new or legacy systems.
The diagram above shows a functional architecture of the various layers necessary involved in digitizing most industrial environments. The first, essential step involves selecting the right Cisco networking hardware software that best fits your environment.

Industrial vendors or their integrators can bring develop and bring their own applications and deploy them on select Cisco hardware (including IR829, IR 1101, IE 4000, IC 3000, UCS and more), empowering them to extract, transform and move the data to the destination of their choice.