[ { "title":"Networking", "url":"/site/networking/" }, { "title":"Catalyst SD-WAN", "url":"/sdwan/" }, { "title":"Learn" } ] Learn Docs /docs/sdwan/ _blank Sandboxes /sdwan/sandbox/ Videos /sdwan/video/ info New Identity, Same Strength: Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN To achieve simplification and consistency, the Cisco SD-WAN solution has been rebranded as Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN. In addition, the following component changes are applicable: Cisco vManage to Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Manager, Cisco vAnalytics to Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Analytics, Cisco vBond to Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Validator, and Cisco vSmart to Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Controller. See the latest Release Notes for a comprehensive list of all the component brand name changes. While we transition to the new names, some inconsistencies might be present in the documentation set because of a phased approach to the user interface updates of the software product.
Explore Catalyst SD-WAN API Learning Labs If you're interested in trying out the Catalyst SD-WAN APIs for the first time, these Learning Labs are for you. Each of the tutorials include easy step-by-step instructions for making your first API request. View all Catalyst SD-WAN Learning Labs >
Need a test environment for your Learning Lab?
Check out the Sandbox.
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Check out a Learning Lab.
Intro to Catalyst SD-WAN REST APIs In this Learning Lab we will go over what Catalyst SD-WAN is, how it evolved over time and how we can interact with the REST API it provides. Networking, Data Center Start Lab Catalyst SD-WAN REST API with Postman Use Postman to make Catalyst SD-WAN REST API calls to authenticate, get a list of all the devices that are part of the fabric, get their status and get interface statistics for all the devices in the fabric. We have setup a Postman collection and environment for you to make it easier to interact with the API. Networking Start Lab Catalyst SD-WAN REST API with Python We’ve seen in the previous Learning Lab how to use Postman to interact with the Catalyst SD-WAN REST API. In this Learning Lab we develop a Python script to accomplish some of the same tasks as the ones in the previous Learning Lab but in a scripted, automated fashion. Networking Start Lab Develop your first application with Catalyst SD-WAN We build on the knowledge we acquired so far in the previous Learning Labs and by the end of this Lab you will be able to attach and detach configuration templates to devices in an automated way. You will be able to take this application and modify it as you see fit, and integrate with other third-party tools. Networking Start Lab
Try out Catalyst SD-WAN APIs in the Sandbox The DevNet Sandboxes provide developers with zero-cost, easy access to infrastructure and platforms to develop and run code against anytime. Use this testing environment to follow along with the Learning Labs. View all Networking Sandboxes > SANDBOX Catalyst SD-WAN Sandbox Try it out
This Catalyst SD-WAN Sandbox consists of a complete virtual SD-WAN environment and all of its components that developers can use to develop, debug, and test their sample SD-WAN applications. In this Sandbox the developer can:
  • Develop/test Catalyst SD-WAN type applications
  • Interact with the Catalyst SD-WAN API calls using various REST clients such as POSTMAN
The Catalyst SD-WAN Sandbox is designed to be accessed via the Internet. VPN is not required or provided to connect to the Catalyst SD-WAN environment. The developer does not have any direct access to the client hosts.

To access the shared environment and start developing, login to the Sandbox.