[ { "title":"Networking", "url":"/site/networking/" }, { "title":"Catalyst SD-WAN", "url":"/sdwan/" }, { "title":"Sandboxes" } ] Learn /sdwan/learn/ Docs /docs/sdwan/ _blank Sandboxes Videos /sdwan/video/ info New Identity, Same Strength: Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN To achieve simplification and consistency, the Cisco SD-WAN solution has been rebranded as Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN. In addition, the following component changes are applicable: Cisco vManage to Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Manager, Cisco vAnalytics to Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Analytics, Cisco vBond to Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Validator, and Cisco vSmart to Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Controller. See the latest Release Notes for a comprehensive list of all the component brand name changes. While we transition to the new names, some inconsistencies might be present in the documentation set because of a phased approach to the user interface updates of the software product. /images/sandbox/SD-WAN-20.10.png Catalyst SD-WAN https://devnetsandbox.cisco.com/RM/Diagram/Index/586943de-2d51-42bc-b52f-0964b4e33146?diagramType=Topology _blank Catalyst SD-WAN 20.10 Sandbox ALWAYS-ON SANDBOX Access at any time without making a reservation or using VPN connection. The Catalyst SD-WAN 20.10 Sandbox consists of a complete virtual SD-WAN environment and all its components that developers can use to develop, debug, and test their sample SD-WAN applications. In this Sandbox the developer can:
  • Develop/test Catalyst SD-WAN type applications
  • Interact with the Catalyst SD-WAN API calls using various REST clients such as POSTMAN
Access at any time without making a reservation or using VPN connection.
Try it out https://devnetsandbox.cisco.com/RM/Diagram/Index/586943de-2d51-42bc-b52f-0964b4e33146?diagramType=Topology _blank button
/images/sandbox/SD-WAN-20.10.png Catalyst SD-WAN https://devnetsandbox.cisco.com/RM/Diagram/Index/ed2c839d-621e-4c55-b176-db2457baf4c8?diagramType=Topology _blank Catalyst SD-WAN 20.10 Sandbox RESERVATION SANDBOX The Catalyst SD-WAN sandbox environment is pre-built with templates and policies for following use cases:
  • A topology that includes, 1 DC/Regional Hub IOS-XE SD-WAN router (C8000v), 2 IOS-XE SD-WAN (C8000v) branch routers with 1 router at each branch and 1 vEdge Cloud branch router. All these routers have the templates configured to leverage 2 transport circuits MPLS and Public Internet.
  • Centralized hub-n-spoke control policy activated so that, Catalyst SD-WAN overlay tunnels are formed in Hub-n-Spoke topology with all spokes forming IPsec tunnels only with DC/Hub router. In addition, a WAN emulator which induces 200ms round-trip latency and 0.05 loss on the link between Internet router and DC IOS-XE SD-WAN router.
Requires a reservation and setup of VPN for your own private lab environment for the duration of the reservation.
Try it out https://devnetsandbox.cisco.com/RM/Diagram/Index/ed2c839d-621e-4c55-b176-db2457baf4c8?diagramType=Topology _blank button