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What can you do with the Cisco Secure Workload API?
Automate System Operations with Ansible Use Ansible to administer Secure Workload scopes, users, roles, policies and more. Execute queries to extract useful informaton. View in Automation Exchange Automate Workload Identity and Policy with Terraform Use Terraform to safely deploy your workloads, then ensure they have the right label and policies applied in Secure Workload. View in GitHub Include security into your CI/CD pipeline Deploy a policy-as-code architecture where application segmentations are stored and deployed in real-time with the application. View all sample code
Get started with Secure Workload Learning Labs FEATURED LEARNING MODULE cisco-secure-workload-ansible FEATURED LEARNING TRACK cisco-app-first-security
https://metadata.production.devnetcloud.com/v1/catalogs/search fastMode=true&type=Code&keyPrefix=tetration-exchange 3 Download Secure Workload sample code Download community shared and DevNet curated GitHub sample code through DevNet Code Exchange. utm_campaign=oc-codeexchange&utm_medium=pubhubwidget&utm_source=secureworkload See more in Code Exchange Sorry, we couldn’t find any code repos you were looking for.
Try out Cisco Secure Workload in the Cisco Application-First Sandbox Achieve the security required for today's heterogeneous multicloud environment with Cisco Secure Workload (formerly Tetration). Protect workloads across any cloud, application, and workload--anywhere. VIEW ALL SANDBOXES https://developer.cisco.com/site/sandbox/ _blank /images/application_first_sandbox.png Cisco Application-First Security https://devnetsandbox.cisco.com/RM/Diagram/Index/88e9fabf-abbf-4c0b-b1a1-c4999d794a10?diagramType=Topology _blank Cisco Application-First Security Explore how to bring security closer to applications, with administrative access to an instance of Cisco Secure Workload, including:
  • View reporting via API
  • Make configuration changes
  • Export flow data
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