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Best practices from Cisco IT on enabling business continuity
Business continuity of our customers and partners is our priority in this unprecedented time. We are working through how to enable remote work most effectively, while keeping safety at the forefront.

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Join the community to engage, share and solve your IT challenges.​
Your community resource to engage, share and solve your IT challenges​
How to solve IT challenges with automation
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Remote Call Centers​
Creation of VPN connections using static IP addresses for call center workers that enable them to work remotely yet still meeting security requirements when using VoIP.
VPN Utilization​
Tooling to monitor and alert on VPN utilization vs system limits – including detecting bandwidth hogs and proposing split-tunnel rules to reduce burden. ​
Device Status Monitoring
With limited staff in stores, get visibility into how the network is operating and ensure you anticipate potential issues.
Engaging Chatbots
A chatbot where customers could feed in their own FAQ or WFH tips, or even daily jokes or riddles for employees to query and stay connected.​
Employee Safety
Ensure worker safety with employee contact tracing
Leverage the new Cisco DNA Center Proximity API and Notification APIs with ChatOps to allow teams within a company to trace a pandemic positive employee, generate contact tracing report, and respond quickly to keep their employees safe.
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Adapting VPN deployment when ALL your workforce is remote
Are you facing connectivity challenges as you enforce mandatory remote work policy in your organization to handle the current global health situation? Do your users complain of degraded experience with their VPN connectivity to the corporate network?
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