Rewind your timeline What is a shift left approach? The concept of shift left is simple. Similar to how DevOps works to discover bugs in the development stage, if we can also move Day N and Day 1 security operations to the development stage, we will identify security vulnerabilities earlier. In turn, fewer vulnerabilities will sneak through, and their impact will be lessened. ​ 1 A shift left approach can improve the health of your organization in the same way exercise, rest, and a good diet can help your body’s overall health. Preventative measures are less costly than treating a health condition. Shifting security 'left' is less costly than fixing a breached system. 1 Find out how developers are shifting left SlashData and Cisco partnered to understand why developers are turning towards shift left, and how they’re using this approach to achieve the highest level of security maturity and excellence. Find out how teams like yours are adopting shift left. Download the Thought Leadership Report _blank #F4F4F3 Insecurity is expensive The potential time and monetary cost of not adopting shift left is too risky. Our eBook outlines the shift left approach as it relates to cybersecurity, and provides best-practices for developers looking to adopt shift left. Cost of data breaches Data breaches can have both time and monetary cost, taking hundreds of days to detect and costing a business billions of dollars. Cost of system downtime An application under attack will shut down, and any downtime will affect the way customers behave, and ultimately hurt your business. Risk of reputation A company’s brand is directly impacted when data is stolen or lost. Broken trust from customers can be an insurmountable cost. Learn the fundamentals of shift left: Download the eBook _blank Developers have a seat at the security table Shift left security is a framework or practice that can be adopted across your entire development cycle. To get started, we’ve identified two use cases that provide relevant insight so you can proactively prepare for security threats with shift left. Dive into learning labs, sandboxes, and free trials. Application Security Learn more application-security API Security Learn more api-security Join our developer security community For your toughest security challenges, Cisco APIs & SDKs, and technology solutions for your business problems. ​ Join the discussion