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Why use Cisco Operations APIs? With the power of Cisco Operations APIs you can digitize your tools and systems with API integrations along the Evaluate, Select, Purchase, Use, Engage, Renew, and Expand touchpoints.
What is the Operations API Developer Portal? The portal is where you can explore, sample, authenticate, and test Cisco Operations APIs in one single location.
Get Started Learn how you can get started using Cisco Operations APIs. Learn more Explore Explore our API catalog and view sample requests and responses. Learn more Authentication Authenticate your credentials to validate your request. Test Test an API using your authentication token.
Cisco Operations APIs View all APIs _blank button btn-primary btn-lg-wide Commerce _blank Browse through the Cisco catalog, estimate, configure, quote, and order Cisco products and services using a sequence of Cisco APIs. Smart Account and Licensing _blank Automate time-consuming, manual licensing tasks to deliver end-to-end licensing workflow automation. Plug and Play Connect _blank Manage all operations in the device controller profile and view account details in the device management system. Commerce Renewal _blank Retrieve install base or coverage details for purchased assets, and initiate quote activities. Customer _blank Search for and validate customer related details, including the customer’s legal name. Register and onboard new customers. Questions? We are here to help. Please see our training page and developer forums /images/banner-question.png Ask in the Forum button btn-primary btn-lg-wide