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Introduction to Cisco ACI Programmability
This introduction to Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) provides an overview of the ACI platform, its APIs, and its SDKs. You'll also learn how information is organized in the ACI Object Model and how to interact programmatically with Object Model using the APIs and SDKs. You can use our hands-on examples to learn how to make a basic API call to the ACI Always-On Sandbox with Postman, the ACI Toolkit, and the Cobra SDK. If you are completely new to programming and REST APIs, be sure to check out the Prerequisites labs first. If you're ready to dive into ACI, start with the Understanding ACI labs.
What is ACI? Cisco ACI is the industry leading SDN solution that provides policy driven automation through an integrated underlay and overlay, is hypervisor agnostic; and extends policy automation to any workload-including virtual machines, physical bare-metal servers, and containers.
Components include: Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) - unified point of automation and management for the Cisco ACI fabric, policy enforcement, and health monitoring. Cisco ACI Multi-Site Orchestrator - manage intersite policies for all the Cisco ACI fabrics interconnected in the Cisco Multi-Site architecture. ACI App Center - A platform for data center innovation! Extend your reach by developing SDN apps on Cisco's open, extensible and programmable ACI network. Cisco ACI Programmability with Object-Oriented Data Model, REST APIs and SDKs. Learn more