ACI Anywhere Innovations Video Summary: Srinivas Kotamraju - Senior Director, Product Management, briefly explains how to deploy ACI anywhere on Public cloud, Premises cloud, or Branch Offices. This session helps you to know about Trends in the Data center, Multisite Orchestrator; seamlessly connect multiple data centers at scale, Virtual ACI, and Cloud ACI. Introduction on Developing Apps for Cisco ACI App Center Video Summary: Gabriel Fontenot and Vasil Yordanov are the Solutions Architect, talks about developing a stateless and stateful apps, packaging and uploading an app, use cases, and network insights. This session provides detailed steps to develop, build, and deploy Apps using ACI App center and share your applications with the ACI community. The participants will again knowledge on requirements and pre-requisites required to build the application as well as packing and publishing the app to ACI App Center. Using Cisco ACI App Center, customers will be able to build apps or download apps to simplify, enhance, and better visualize their use cases. Network Programmability with Cisco ACI Video Summary: John MCDonough and Devarshi Shah discuss about the ACI Object Model and REST API, ACI Programmability with Python and ACI Toolkit, and ACI meets NetDevOps in Ansible and Terraform. In this session you will learn how to build your own scripts, and execute them, building towards a reusable simple python application to provision and manage the system. Gain the skills required to operate Cisco ACI through this broad and extensive hands-on training experience. Up-level your network administration skills by learning the system programmatic API's, tools available to automate tasks in the environment, including Python and REST and best practices for programmatic interaction with ACI. ACI Anywhere with Cloud APIC (CAPIC) on AWS Video Summary: ACI is a great platform that can be automated in many different ways, in this session we will look at using a common tool that you are already using, to automate your ACI infrastructure. Devarshi Shah and Anil Kumar are the Technical Marketing Engineers, discuss "What is ACI Anywhere", and how does it all fit together for your application, and its uses cases. Monitoring Network Policies in ACI using Correlated, Real Time Application Performance Visibility from AppDynamics Video Summary: In today's software-defined world, keeping up with the application landscape is more critical than ever. In this session, Devarshi Shah provides a deep dive into one of the primary use cases enabled by the integration of Cisco ACI and AppDynamics technologies: reducing mean time to resolution of business-critical applications to ensure a positive customer experience with the greatest business impact. How to build my first Network App by using Javascript and Cisco ACI Appcenter Video Summary: In this workshop, Nicolas Vermande who is a Technical Marketing Engineer, explains how to build your first simple app in Appcenter and reap the benefits of ACI in terms of visibility and network operations. Cisco ACI is the leading SDN solution for datacenter applications. It turns the network into a centralized API, enabling the development of custom, network focused applications. This can be achieved by leveraging ACI Appcenter, which packages your web application and hosts it in on APIC as a container. Infrastructure as Code with Terraform and Cisco ACI Video Summary: In this video, Nicolas Vermande and Devarshi Shah discuss about the Terraform functions for ACI and show how to provision and manage ACI resources together with virtual infrastructure resources. Terraform by Hashicorp is one of the most popular tool to manage infrastructure resources for on-premises private cloud and public cloud workload. By using Terraform plugin for ACI, it is also possible to manage ACI SDN functions and keep your policies aligned with your cloud resources.